New Blockchains
The TokenPocket wallet development team has been committed to providing more potential chains for developers and wallet users, delivering a more friendly way to support the new chain, serving a fully decentralized wallet to users, and committed to empowerment and cooperation with potential project parties to jointly promote the development of web3.
In order to support the development of new chains of various project parties, and allow wallet users to use new chains of different project parties, we spare no effort to fully understand the technical features, stability, usability and security of the project party's new chain, and appreciate the needs of wallet users for the innovative projects that are constantly prospering in the web3 world. We are more responsible and professional and allow the users to connect to the web3 world to explore new projects while ensuring the security of their wallet assets.
Adding blockchain to TokenPocket wallet needs to meet the following conditions:
  • The blockchain must have launched the mainnet and has been running stably for at least 3-6 months.
  • The number of popular tokens and applications on the chain must be 50+.
  • The blockchain must have complete and public official documentation, developer documentation and developer tools.
  • The project must provide API/JSON-RPC nodes to access balances, etc., and have blockchain browsers.
  • Native tokens can be traded on exchanges.
  • Project developers must ensure that the project is constantly updated and developed.
  • After the chain is integrated into TokenPocket, if there are unexpected or urgent problems in the use of the chain, timely technical support can be provided to ensure that the rights and interests of users of TokenPocket wallet will not be lost.
  • Donate TPT based on the type of support needed.
Simple support
Full support
Donation Amount
2,000,000 TPT
6,000,000 TPT
Type of public chain
EVM, Polkadot, EOSIO technology tether
EVM, Polkadot, EOSIO technology tether
Support content
custom network;The chain logo is displayed by default in the public chain list
Display native and non-native coins, Token prices, popular Token selection lists, transaction records and transaction details, independent Dapp entries and other information in the list of supported chains.
Note: Receiving address is 0x7837AE9E4FD6E967F1B8C8824D6288ECE6e730F9 (Also can scan QR code below to get receiving address). Only support to receive TPT in BSC, HECO, and Ethereum chain. Please double confirm your transfer information!
After receiving the application submitted by the project party, we will communicate, understand and evaluate the blockchain information in depth as soon as possible.
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