New Blockchains

The TokenPocket wallet development team has been focusing on providing more potential chains for developers and wallet users, delivering a more friendly way to support the new chain, serving a fully decentralized wallet to users, and committed to empowerment and cooperation with potential project parties to jointly promote the development of web3.
In order to support the development of new chains of various project parties, and allow wallet users to use new chains of different project parties, we spare no effort to fully understand the technical features, stability, usability and security of the project party's new chain, and appreciate the needs of wallet users for the innovative projects that are constantly prospering in the web3 world. We are more responsible and professional and can help the users to connect to the web3 world to explore new projects while ensuring the security of their wallet assets.
There are three types of support for adding public chains in TokenPocket
  1. 1.
    Custom network support (easy add)
  2. 2.
    Simple support on wallet list
  3. 3.
    Full support on wallet list
There are different requirements for different support, and the specific requirements are as follows:

Standard and requirement:

Easy add
a normally accessible official website and an introduction to the public chain
The blockchain must have launched the mainnet and has been running stably for at least 3-6 months
The chain can be used normally
The number of popular tokens and applications on the chain must be 50+
There are available RPC
The blockchain has complete and public official documentation, developer documentation and developer tools. Projects must provide API/JSON-RPC access nodes to obtain balances, etc., and provide blockchain browsers
Not a single-node public chain
Native tokens can be traded on exchanges
Chain information is filled in correctly
Project developers must ensure that the project is constantly updated and developed
Currently only supports EVM, Polkadot, and EOSIO
After the chain is integrated into TokenPocket, if there are unexpected or urgent problems in the use of the chain, timely technical support can be provided to ensure that the rights and interests of users of TokenPocket wallet will not be lost
There is no fraudulent use of other public chains
There is no fraudulent use of other public chains
There is no illegal or illegal use
There is no illegal or illegal use

Support level:

Easy support
Simple support
Fully support
Add custom network and quick add chain
Add to wallet general list
Display native tokens and non-native tokens, token price, popular token selection list, transaction records and details, independent Dapp entrance and other information in the list of supported chains

Number of donations

Easy support
Simple support
Fully support
500,000 TPT
4,000,000 TPT

Donation process:

When applying for a public chain list, you need to donate TPT according to the type of public chain submitted to verify the legitimacy of your address. It needs to be noted that it cannot be returned after donation. Please consider carefully before operation (only TPT of BSC chain is supported)
1、Open the TokenPocket App, click “Assets” at the bottom, select TPT and click “Transfer” on the page.
2、The transfer can be performed by scanning the QR code below or by copying the receiving address. Please be sure to check whether the receiving address and the amount donated are correct.
Note: the Receiving address of the TokenPocket Foundation is 0x7837AE9E4FD6E967F1B8C8824D6288ECE6e730F9. Only support to receive TPT in BSC,and please double check your transfer information!
3、After completing the TPT donation, return to the Assets page, select BNB, and then click “Direct Transfer” to enter the transfer page; Enter the receiving address (same as above) and any number of BNB (small BNB value), select the miner fee and click “Advanced Settings” – “Plain Text” in the lower right corner, fill in the text according to the format requirements, and then click “Confirmation”.
(Format requirements: submit public chain native token symbol-support type-payment hash link) Quick add=1 Simple support=2 Fully support=3
Submitting a PR for merging requires a donation. If the review requirements are not met, the merging will not be performed and the donation will not be returned, so please consider carefullyy before donating.

Submit data:

Fork this warehouse and add your EVM chain information in chains.json
"name": "xDAI Chain",
"chainId": 100,
"shortName": "xdai",
"chain": "XDAI",
"network": "mainnet",
"networkId": 100,
"nativeCurrency": {
"name": "xDAI",
"symbol": "xDAI",
"decimals": 18
"rpc": [
"faucets": [],
"infoURL": "",
"app_resource": {
"ic_chain_select": "",
"ic_chain_unselect": "",
"color_chain_bg": "0x58B2AF"
app_resource is optional and only affects the appearance in TokenPocket wallet.

You can follow this standard:

Note: Receiving address is 0x7837AE9E4FD6E967F1B8C8824D6288ECE6e730F9. Only support to receive TPT in BSC. Please double check your transfer information!
After receiving the application submitted by the project party, we will evaluate the blockchain project information, please pay attention to the message in the submitted github order.