Simple support introduction and demonstration

At present, TokenPocket wallet supports users to directly and quickly add an EVM, Polkadot and EOSIO technology chains, and then create a wallet based on the chain to complete functions such as asset management and transfer. However, in this mode, the blockchains that are quickly added have limited functions, and there are no functions such as transaction records and popular tokens that require additional technical development to support.
This document will introduce how users use TokenPocket to create a wallet and complete transactions based on it.

Add blockchain network information

This step is to add a chain through “add custom network”. The operation process shows in the following figure:
First click “Add Custom Network”, fill in the custom network information, and click “Confirm”, then you successfully add the chain, here is Monbeam Testnet Moonbase Alpha.

Create wallet

Through the above steps, you have successfully added Moonbeam Testnet Moonbase Alpha blockchain. Now create a wallet based on this blockchain. The first step is to create a wallet. As shown in the figure below:
Select “Moonbeam Testnet Moonbase Alpha”, select “Create Wallet” in the pop-up box, then select “Create Wallet” on the “Create Method” page, and finally click “Create Wallet” after entering the name and setting password on the Create Wallet page.
Click to Create Wallet in the previous step, and then go to the second step, as shown in the following figure:
After reading the safety points carefully on the backup wallet page, click “I got it”, and then click “Backup completed, verify it now” on the backup mnemonic page after the backup is completed, and then you can see my assets on the wallet page. Finally, you can choose the appropriate method to send assets to the address upon your needs, where you can see the assets on the blockchain in real time.


After successfully creating wallet and transferring assets, you can transfer out based on the wallet created in the previous step, as shown in the following figure: ​
The first step is to transfer, click “Transfer” on the wallet page, then select “Direct transfer” on the transfer page, then check the transfer information, click “Confirm”, and finally click “Confirm Payment” to complete the transaction.
The second step is to view the transfer information, as shown in the following figure: ​
you can see the balance change after the transfer is successful. click “Asset Record” to enter the Token Details to see the cached transaction records, and then click the transaction record to see the transaction details.
So far, this is the entire process from adding a blockchain, to creating a wallet based on the blockchain, and then completing the transaction based on the wallet.

More tutorial

When adding network information, in addition to manual input, you can also use the convenient entry to find the list of blockchain network information that has been included. You can quickly add blockchain network information by selecting a blockchain network as needed, as shown in the following figure: ​
Click “Add Custom Network” to enter the Custom Network. Click “easily add” to enter the list of network information that has been included, and select the network you need. here clicking “Ethereum Testnet Ropsten”, the network information will be automatically matched to the custom network page.
The above steps demonstrate how to quickly add blockchain network information by selecting a custom network list that has been included. If the project party wants its own network information to be included in the custom network list, it can submit network information through networklist-org. For details, please refer to as follows:
"name": "Optimistic Ethereum",
"chainId": 10,
"namespace": "ethereum",
"shortName": "oeth",
"chain": "ETH",
"network": "mainnet",
"networkId": 10,
"nativeCurrency": {
"name": "Ether",
"symbol": "OETH",
"decimals": 18
"rpc": [
"faucets": [],
"infoURL": "",
"appesource": {
"icChainSelect": "",
"icChainUnselect": "",
"colorChainBg": "0xF54B49",
"projectContactInfo": {
"officialWebsite": "",
"phone": "02x-223xxx12",
"email": "[email protected]",