Wallet Connect


WalletConnect is an open protocol for connecting wallets and DApps (Web3 applications), which uses a bridge server to establish a remote connection between two applications and/or devices, scan a QR code to establish a connection and start communication.
For more detailed document, please refer to the official WalletConnect::https://docs.walletconnect.com/
TP Wallet supports WalletConnect v1 and v2
Networks supported by WalletConnect v1:
  1. 1.
Networks supported by WalletConnect v2:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.

How to use Wallet Connect on TP Wallet

There are two ways::
​1. Open DApp directly in the TP wallet. When connecting, choose "WalletConnect", click "Connect”, then authorize to login, as shown below:
2.Open DApp on the computer or other web pages. Select "WalletConnect" when connecting to the wallet, the DApp will display a QR code, scan it with the TP wallet, then you can authorize to login, as shown below:
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