How to submit token

​Token inclusion can be applied through official channels. Once successful, you can search the name or contract address in the mobile wallet for easy viewing. The submission is also very simple. It should be noted that the logo of token by such inclusion is in the default (official unified template). If you need to add your own personalized icon, you can apply for it.

The method of adding is as follows:

1.Go to TokenPocket official website:, click [Submit Project] on the navigation bar, and then click [Token];
2.Fill in the token information in order, and then click [Submit].
Note: Admins will audit your token submission as soon as possible, so, your patience will be appreciated.
[Project Network] wrong submission will result in the project not be visible in the unreviewed corresponding network, which will affect the review results.
【Contract address】Filling incorrect will lead to the failure of Token inclusion.
【Token Decimal】Incorrect decimal filling will result in inaccurate number of tokens
【Contact Email】a correct email address can guarantee good communication when encountering problems.
3. Other matters needing attention
3.1. Token submission repeated, as shown in the figure below:
3.2. Tokens submitted frequently, as shown in the figure below:
3.3. Token submission successful, as shown in the figure below: