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Welcome to the TokenPocket development document. By learning this document, you can integrate wallet functions in the following ways:

  • By integrating Android iOS SDK, you can pull up the wallet to authorization, transfer, sign contract actions, and get result.
  • The Deeplink way can pull up wallet to sign string, transfer token, and sign contract actions, and get result by callback URL.
  • Pull up the wallet by Deeplink and open the DApp in the wallet DApp Browser.
  • Develop DApp and run in wallet DApp browser.
  • How to use MiniWallet on EOS network
  • Support resource payment in EOS network
  • TIP Protocol
  • WalletConnect

Ready to start

Before intergating, developers need to choose the appropriate integrating method for his own product.
  • The mobile-SDK is for native app developers, which includes u3d and cocos. By integrating this SDK, developers can pull up TokenPocket to sign messages, transfer tokens, sign contract actions etc. We will introduce more details in articles like Wallet-SDK-Android and Wallet-SDK-iOS
  • If you are developing an html application and want to pull up TokenPocket to sign messages, transfer tokens, sign contract actions etc, you should use DeppLink. However, if you want to get result, callback URL is necessary to help you get the result.
  • If you are developing a DApp run in the DApp browser, only need to follow the relevant extension protocols to complete the development, and it can be run in the Dapp browser of TokenPocket. The TokenPocket DApp Browser is compatible with extension protocols of various networks, just like EVM series compatible with Metamask, WalletConnect, Tron compatible with Tronlink, etc. In addition, TP also provides tp-js-sdk, which implements many extended functions. This method will be detailed in subsequent articles JS-SDK
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