The Usage Tutorial of OKExChain Test (OKEx)
1. Firstly, open the TokenPocket wallet.
2. Click on the upper left corner of the asset interface to switch between the bottom layer of the wallet and the account (address).
3. Enter the wallet list and select the Ethereum wallet (or click + to create a wallet).
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4. Switch to the Ethereum wallet and enter the wallet interface, click [Me] in the lower left corner.
5. Click [Settings].
6. Click [Nodes Setting].
7. Click [Add a custom node] at the bottom.
8. Can add two nodes in the input field: or
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9. Click [Discover] and fill in the DApp link to be accessed at the top or in the DApp browser to open it for using after the node is added.
This tutorial is only for the DApp in the wallet side of the operation guide, does not represent the investment advice of TokenPocket. Investing involves risks, you should be fully aware of the risks and make your own investment decisions.
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