Nostr Assets Batch Transfer Tool

  1. Open TokenPocket, click on "Discover," and in the top "Address Bar," open the link: or use the Nostr Assets batch transfer tool in the "New" section.

  1. Similar to the Inscription Assistant tool, the interface of the Nostr Assets batch transfer tool is also very straightforward. For the first use, click on the bottom left corner's "Connect Wallet," and once connected, you can see the current wallet's Nostr address, types and quantities of held assets, the amount to be sent, and the receiving addresses. After configuring the above details, click on "Send" to execute the on-chain operation.

Multiple receiving addresses can be set, with each address on a new line as per the provided instructions.

  1. The Nostr Assets batch transfer requires two operations. The first is to "encrypt" the on-chain data, and the second is to "signature" the on-chain events. This tutorial is designed to demonstrate the complete process, but you can simplify the steps by checking the option at the bottom left, which says "Before closing the app, requests from this link do not need to be confirmed again."

  1. After completing the on-chain operation, you will see a success message labeled as "Sent" in the batch transfer tool. At this point, open your receiving address platform, and you should see the transferred assets credited. The entire process is quite simple, but it's crucial to double-check the accuracy of the receiving address.

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