Fake Airdrop/Giveaway Scam

Scammers will use free airdrop events with posters or links to promote in the community. If the user scans the code, enters the website and approves to receive airdrop tokens. After approval, the scammers obtain permission to transfer away user assets easily.

In recent, new types of airdrop scams have appeared. According to feedback from communities, Users found that they received airdrop tokens when checking their transaction records. And it will be found that there is a link in memo line and noticed that the airdrop tokens can be exchanged for other tokens. If users open the link and exchange airdrop tokens for other tokens, their tokens on the wallet will be maliciously approved, resulting in the loss of assets.

Therefore, please be noted that there is no free meal in the world, do not click any unknown link to receive airdrops, or scan the code to approve your applications. More importantly, do not send the private key/mnemonic to anyone!

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