Hide small transaction records

Recently, many TokenPocket users find out that there are many “0 USDT” transaction records that appear on TokenPockte transaction records, causing some users to worry about asset security.

To help users to stay away from the “0 USDT” phishing transfer scan, TokenPocket’s latest version(Android 1.6.6) optimizes and launches a new function: Hide small transaction records.

Why “0 USDT” transfer scam will appear in my wallet?

This operation is performed directly through the “TransferFrom” function of the USDT, any address can be invoked and generate a transfer record in the wallet and a “Cancelled” record in the Approvals. By the way, please note that this situation may occur in all public chains including EVM-based chains, TRON, etc.

The purpose of this operation is to simulate the transaction from the user’s address, combined with the disguised address to induce the user to misoperate the transfer, it won’t affect your asset’s security, but please be aware of this possible misoperation execution.

How to hide the small transaction record?

1. Open your TokenPocket wallet (Android 1.6.6 supports hiding small transaction records), select a token randomly, and enter the Token Details page. Take USDT as an example here, click the Setting button on the right corner.

2. Turn on [Hide small amount], and enter the small amount according to your need, click [Save changes], then you have successfully hidden the small transaction records.

2. All the small transaction records will be hidden after setting, you can see a clear comparison of transaction records before and after hiding.

The continuous improvement of the wallet security function not only helps users to better keep assets but also reminds users to be careful when executing wallet operations.

Please double-check your wallet address before you transfer! Strengthening your wallet security awareness is the premise of protecting your assets!

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