About Custom Token

Custom Token provides the function of quickly adding tokens for users, including custom network and networks that are natively supported by TokenPocket wallet. However, this function only supports those tokens that already exist in the blockchain. It requires users to input tokens’ contract accurately. Otherwise, custom token cannot be verified by the blockchain or added.

Why can't I add tokens?

Check this by following steps:

1. Please confirm that the tokens you entered have been issued in the current network.

2. Please make sure your token contract, decimal, and symbol are entered correctly.

3. Go to ‘Me’-‘Settings’-‘Nodes Setting’ to check if the current node is available.

Beware of Phishing

Since TokenPocket wallet cannot verify the authenticity of custom tokens, users should confirm the accuracy of token information, including but not limited to contract, decimal, and symbol, when adding custom tokens. Meanwhile, DApp and DeFi can also send requests to add or overwrite custom tokens to users through the common interface. Please make sure to confirm the correctness of the token's contract, symbol and other information several times when adding.

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