What is Solana Memo

What is Solana Memo

Solana Memo is a transaction memo program on the Solana blockchain used to verify strings of characters encoded in UTF-8 format and to verify if any account providing information is the signer of the transaction. Solana Memo also records the memo and the addresses of any verified signers in the transaction log, allowing anyone to inspect the transaction log, view the memos, and know whether they have been approved by zero or more addresses.

How to add a Memo to Solana transactions

Before initiating a transaction, open advanced mode and add any Memo content you wish to include. You can directly enter the desired content or convert it to hexadecimal data and paste it into the input box. Due to Solana network limitations, make sure the content length does not exceed 566 bytes. Please ensure whether your data is plaintext or hexadecimal data and ensure accurate input! Once a transaction is initiated, no transaction information can be changed!

How to view Solana Memo

Once your transaction information has been initiated, you can visit any Solana transaction explorer to view your transaction and corresponding transaction information, including but not limited to Memo, transaction network fees, transaction time, etc.

Solana Explorer:

https://solscan.io/ http://solanabeach.io/ http://explorer.solana.com/

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