How to Accelerate My Transaction?

In general, transactions on the Ethereum chain are relatively congested, and transactions can only be accelerated before they are packed by miners, that is, transaction ID has not been generated on the blockchain.

How to accelerate a transaction?

1. Open TokenPocket App, choose the transaction you need to accelerate, and then click [Accelerate]; (Take accelerating ETH transfer as an example)

2. Click [After] to set the miner fee after entering the page, or remain the default status;

3. You can set the miner fee according to your own needs, or you may click [Custom] to set the gas price and gas limit, and then click [Confirm];

4. Click [Confirm Acceleration] ;

5. Click [Transfer] after double-checking the information;

6. Enter your wallet password, and then click [Confirm] to complete the acceleration.

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