Fake Customer Service Scam

Most people will contact customer service for help when there are some problems that need to be solved. At this time, scammers get the chance to impersonate official supports. Usually, they have the same name and logo (not ture) with the official supports and then hide in the various communities/groups. Once users send their issues on the group, these scammers will send messages to users privately attached unknown links/QR codes to fraud users' private key or mnemonic.

So, If you have any questions, please don't trust anyone who sends messages to you first and don't give your private key or mnemonic to anyone! You may send emails to official supports if you have any other problems: service@tokenpocket.pro

1. Impersonating TokenPocket customer service in order to ask the user to pay the fee of solving the problem.

2. Impersonating TokenPocket Telegram Community Admin to cheat‌.

3. Impersonating TokenPocket for airdrop scams‌.

In conclusion: Don’t give your private key/mnemonic to anyone!

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