What is Stake 2.0?

Stake 2.0 is an all-new staking mechanism proposed by the TRON community. Different from Stake 1.0, Stake 2.0 provides an easier and more flexible staking service, in addition to efficient resource allocation and utilization. Stake 2.0 is also seamlessly integrated with TRON Virtual Machine (TVM), allowing users to stake and delegate resources by calling smart contracts. This integration helps create new use cases for smart contracts on TRON.

Key Features of Stake 2.0:

1. Stake

In Stake 2.0, you can stake TRX for Energy or Bandwidth, which is sent to your account together with TRON Power (TP). You will receive 1 TP for each TRX you stake, and vote with it on TRON.

2. Delegate

You may delegate the resources gained from staking to others as wanted.

Before delegating resources, you may choose to toggle the lock-up switch on or off. When the switch is off, you can reclaim the resources delegated at any time. Conversely, the delegated resources can only be reclaimed after the lock-up period (3 days). If you delegate resources again to the same address anytime during the lock-up period, then the lock-up time of resources in lock is also reset to 3 days.

3. Reclaim

When part of the delegated resources is used, they can still be reclaimed but will not be available for using until recovered.

4. Unstake

You can unstake your staked TRX anytime. However, if you have resources delegated to others, these resources will withhold part of your staked TRX. Withheld TRX still remains in your staking account but cannot be unstaked.

5. Withdraw

Staked TRX can be unstaked anytime, but you will need to wait 14 days before you can withdraw the unstaking TRX.

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