Notes on using the third-party DApp.

DApps, are applications developed based on blockchain. They can be run and authorized through the DApp browser. Because of the "openness" of the DApp browser, any developer or individual can open the application they need to use through the DApp browser. Unlike DApps already in the wallet, there is often a high risk of using third-party DApps sent by others or acquired online. Previous cases of asset theft or inability to withdraw funds from participating projects have occurred when using third-party DApps, so it is important to pay attention to the following when using third-party DApps.

1、when participating in a third-party DApps, you need to check whether the project has an audit report produced by a formal security audit company. If the code is not audited, it often can be dangerous. It can directly misappropriate the user's assets, or arbitrarily freeze the participating accounts, which eventually leads to the assets not being able to be withdrawn.

2、when participating in third-party DApps, you need to carefully check the prompt in the wallet for contract calls. For example, when a Dapp makes a contract call to obtain approval or other ways to obtain highly risky authorization, a contract call risk prompt will appear in the wallet. When you encounter such an alert, you need to stop the operation. You can also give feedback to our email: Please do not make authorization rashly.

3、Usually, DApp developers set the maximum number of tokens authorized to smart contracts by default to avoid repeated authorization by users. Therefore, it is necessary to set a reasonable number of authorization when performing authorization operations. You can set it in the transaction interface of TokenPocket to avoid all authorized tokens being stolen due to highly risky authorization.

4、Please check the following disclaimer about using the third-party Dapps in the Dapp browser.

^1、DApps do not belong to TokenPocket. DApps are fully controlled by the project owners! Please check the security of the DApp before using it.

^2、You should be aware that any loss caused by your access to this DApp is your personal responsibility and not TokenPocket's.

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