How to connect to Trezor?

TokenPocket extension wallet (1.1.3) has already supported users to connect Trezor hardware wallet. There are two ways to connect to the Trezor hardware wallet.

  1. Firstly, you need to enter the PIN code to verify your Trezor. Open TokenPocket extension wallet and click the upper left corner to enter the settings page, click [Connect Hareward Wallet].

2. Click [Trezor], follow the steps to connect your Trezor to the computer, and click [Connect].

3.Click【+ Pair device】, choose the device that has connected to the computer and click 【Connect】.

4. Click【My Trezor】.

5. Click 【All once for this session】

6. Click 【Export】

7. Generally, you don't need to enter the passphrase, click 【Enter】

8. Choose the wallet you need to connect to the TokenPocket extension wallet and click [Unlock].

9. At this point, you have successfully connected your Trezor to the TokenPocket extension wallet.

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