How to export the BTC private key of TokenPocket wallet?

The public key in the BTC is used as a collection address. The private key is known only to you, if it is be public or lost means that your assets will be lost. Therefore, the private key plays an important role in our assets. Although the registration of the TokenPocket wallet started as a remind of backup and verification mnemonic(equally important), the backup of the private key means that we can have more controllable keys. If one of the two is lost, the asset will not be lost.

The steps to export the private key through TP wallet are as follows: open the wallet -- click the blank at the top of the receipt -- select export the private key in the pop-up menu -- enter the password for authorization to record and save the private key (the qr code is for convenient transfer through different devices, please be sure to use it in a safe environment).

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