what is Asset Collection?

1. Asset collection is a function that transfers all balance of a selected asset to a designated account. 2. Choose the asset that you want to collect. For example, EOS. 3. You can manually select the account you want to collect from. The assets in the selected account will be transferred to the designated account, and the assets in unselected accounts will not be transferred. 4. In the collection process, wallets with the same account and password only need to enter the password once, and wallets with different passwords need to enter the password separately. 5. The collection operation is essentially one/multiple transfers of assets, which takes some time to wait for block confirmation(s). The more accounts collected, the longer the collection process takes. 6. Some transfers may fail because of a failed blockchain confirmation. The failed transfer will not affect the successful transfer, nor will it cause the loss of assets. You can try to perform collection again when the network is stable. 7. Before the end of the collection operation, please do not leave the collection results page, otherwise, the collection operation will not continue.

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