Staking Tutorial

1. Open TokenPocket, click on [Discover], search for [ETH2.0 Staking Vault] at the search bar and access it.

2. Self-Custodial Staking

2.1 Staking services are divided into [Self-Custodial Staking] and [Joint Staking]. Among them, the newly added Self-Custodial Staking method returns the control of staked assets to users. Users can initiate the withdrawal of staking by themselves, and after confirmation by the main network, they can complete the withdrawal, fully realizing decentralized transparent management.

Click on the Self-Custodial Staking entrance, and you can see relevant data about current pledges at the top, and at the bottom, you can see content such as [Validator status], [Staking history], [Common Questions], etc. Click on [Stake].

2.2. If the number of participating nodes is 1, it means that you need to stake 32 ETH. You can set this according to your actual needs. The node maintenance fee is charged only once. If you make multiple stakes, the corresponding node maintenance fee will be charged.

After viewing and selecting the [Staking Service Agreement], click on "Pay" to bring up the transaction details page where you can adjust the miner's fee according to your actual situation. Finally, click [Confirm Payment] and sign to complete self-hosted staking.

3. Joint Stake

Joint Stake refers to multiple participating nodes jointly staking, with a minimum participation threshold of 0.1 ETH. Compared with Self-Custodial Staking, the exit method of joint staking requires a unified window period and there will be restrictions on the exit time and quantity.

3.1 In the joint staking interface, you can view information such as stake data and validator's reward trends, as well as check "Staking History" and "Common Questions". Click on the "Participate/Exit Pledge" entry, select participate or exit (requires a unified window period) in the redirected interface, set your desired amount of ETH to participate, check and select the "Staking Vault Service Protocol", then click Confirm.

3.2 After comfirmed on the payment, you will be redirected to the transaction details page. Here, you can click on [Miner's Fee] to set it according to your actual needs. Click [Confirm Payment] and sign it to complete participation in joint staking.

In the unstaking interface, you can see the amount that can be withdrawn below the input box. Fill in this number in the digital field, click [Confirm Withdrawal], and then confirm payment and signature on the transaction details page to complete the withdrawal process. (The rewards for participating in staking will only be available after ETH2.0 is officially launched.)

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