Version update log(Aug 26, 2022)

【Version Update】

Chrome: 1.1.8

【Version Update】

  1. Support to add custom NFT.

  2. Support to customize nonce.

  3. Support to download State logs.

  4. Support the NFT floor price display.

  5. Support to switch with Metamask.

  6. Support the testnet.

  7. Optimize the extension interface.

  8. Optimize the interface of import Secret Recovery Phrase and Private key.

  9. Optimize the recovery phrase import logic.

  10. Optimize the transaction history display.

  11. Optimize the data parsing.

  12. Fix the problem of reporting an error when closing the swap page;

  13. Fix the problem of token balance display after switching networks or accounts;

  14. Fix the problem of decryption failure.

  15. Optimize the users’ experience.

  16. Fix bugs.

【Version update method】‌

  1. The downloaded version from the Google Play Store will be automatically updated after a while. Or you can directly update on the Extensions page.

2. Download the latest installation package and add TokenPocket Extension Wallet to your extension installation.


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