What Voice Team Says?

1. The Road to Beta Six months ago, our CEO Brendan Blumer, and CTO Dan Larimer, went on a bit of a rant in a packed Washington D.C. auditorium. The subject? The state of social media.

Well, it wasn’t really a “rant.” It was more of a multi-movement oratory spanning the subprime mortgage crisis, the evolution of blockchain, and social psychology.

Full article> https://voice.com/blog/road-to-beta/

2. Behind the scenes at Voice: Legal & Compliance Come on the 14th of February, everyone will be able to experience the product and engineering work that we’ve been earnestly completing over the past year. As you participate in Beta, you will see the evolving creativity of our bleeding-edge engineering team.

Full article> https://voice.com/blog/behind-the-scenes-at-voice-legal-compliance/

3. A Regulatory Recap In December of 2019, we sat down with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington D.C. to discuss our vision and plans for Voice: what it is, what we are trying to achieve, and how the tokens will work.

Full article> https://voice.com/blog/a-regulatory-recap/

4. Beta (to start) in the USA Followed by a steady rollout to English speaking territories, then globally.

We are excited to share that the first stop on the Voice Beta tour is the United States, and not just because if you sing this post’s title to the tune of Bruce Springsteen’s classic Born in the USA it sounds rather catchy.

Full article> https://voice.com/blog/beta-in-the-usa/

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