What is a passphrase

When creating a hidden wallet, a passphrase is an essential tool for encryption and protection. It is typically a string composed of words or phrases used to create the private key or seed phrase of the wallet.

The purpose of a passphrase is to increase the security of the wallet, ensuring that only those who have the correct passphrase can access and control the assets in the wallet. Without the correct passphrase, it is impossible to recover or reconstruct the wallet, so it is very important to keep the passphrase safe.

Here are some security points to consider when using a passphrase:

  • Confidentiality: Do not disclose your passphrase to others. Ensure that you alone know and hold the passphrase. Avoid revealing the passphrase in social media, chat applications, or public places.

  • Complexity: Choose a sufficiently complex passphrase. It should contain random words or phrases and avoid easily guessed content, such as common phrases, dates, personal information, etc. Using a random password generator to create strong passwords can enhance security.

  • Backup: Ensure correct backup of the passphrase. Write it down on paper and keep the paper backup in a safe place, away from internet and physical threats. Don't just rely on electronic devices or online storage, as they may suffer from data loss, failure, or hacking.

  • Regular change: Regularly changing your passphrase is a good security practice, especially if you suspect that your passphrase may have been leaked or is no longer safe. Changing the passphrase also means that your wallet address changes along with it!

  • Beware of phishing attacks: Be aware of phishing attacks and do not click on links from unknown sources or suspicious websites to prevent being lured into entering your passphrase.

Remember, a passphrase is key to accessing and controlling your digital currency assets. If you lose or forget your passphrase, you may not be able to access your assets again, so it's very important to keep it safe and secure.

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