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1. EOS Price Analysis - Voice beta coming later this month Technicals indicate an emerging bull trend for both the EOS/USD and EOS/BTC. A key long term fundamental driver, the Voice beta launch, is scheduled to roll out this month and maybe another driver of positive momentum.
2. Ford and EOS add voice to custom made wheel nut Locking wheel nuts can only be loosened with a unique key, but the loss of such keys by car owners has led to the development of widely available removal tools.
Now, engineers at Ford and additive manufacturing specialists EOS have created nuts with contours based on the driver’s voice, which – like a fingerprint or iris scan – is a unique form of biometric identification.
3. Voice By (EOS) Severely Criticized for KYC and Content Restrictions First of all, Mr. Whales is concerned about the decision of to meet the demands of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This body investigates any kind of digital asset that is somehow available to the U.S. citizen.
4. Block.One's ‘Voice' Social Network Has An Open Door Policy To Other Blockchains, Not Just EOS During its June ICO, had indicated that its Facebook rivaling social network dubbed Voice, would be launched on the EOS network. However, plans seem to have changed as CoinDesk reports.
5. Voice Is The Next-Gen Social Media Platform Competing Facebook Integrated With Blockchain Voice is the next-gen social media platform standing against Facebook. Brendan Blumer, the CEO of is the head behind the Voice to be expected to be launched on the 14th of February.