AA Wallet Create and Import

How to Create an AA Wallet

1. Open the TokenPocket wallet, click on 'My,' then select 'Experience' and enable the 'Smart Wallet' experience button. (If there is no experience area function, please update your wallet version).

2. Back to the Assets page, click the upper right corner, and click [Smart Wallet/MultiSig Wallet].

3. Select [Smart Wallet] and click [Create Smart Wallet] again.

4. Select [Polygon(Matic)], read the guide carefully, and [Start the Journey].

Tips, TokenPocket Account Abstraction Wallet now supports Polygon(Matic) first, and we will support more networks ASAP.

5. Access the Create Smart Wallet page, select the owner as the manage wallet address, and you can add the owner by adding from the wallet list, pasting, or scanning the QR Code. You can only set one owner to manage your AA Wallet.

After the setting is finished, you can get your AA Wallet address at once. Customize your wallet name, tag the User Agreement, and click [Confirm]. At this point, you’ve successfully created an AA Wallet.

How to import AA Wallet?

  1. Open the AA Wallet page, and select [Import Smart Wallet].

  1. Enter the address of the AA Wallet and the owner will be automatically identified and checked, and then click [Import wallet] to complete the import of the AA Wallet.

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