Metis Use Guide

TokenPocket Chrome Extension and Mobile Wallet support Metis Network.

Mobile Wallet Use Guide

How to create a Metis wallet in TokenPocket?

2. Click [Create Wallet] and click [Create Wallet] again;

3. Set the wallet name and password, click the User Agreement, and click [Create Wallet]. Watch and learn the video content, click [Understood].

4. Select the security tips, and click [Next Step]. Back up the secret recovery phrase on the paper or on the KeyPal, and store it in a safe place. Click [Completed backup, verify now] .

5. Enter your secret recovery phrase, and click [Confirm]. At this point, you have successfully created a Metis wallet.

Attention: Do not disclose the private key or secret recovery phrase to the third party!

How to import a Metis wallet into TokenPocket?

2. Click [Import Wallet], and select the way you want to import your wallet.

3. Take [Recovery Phrase import] as an example, enter your secret recovery phrase, wallet name, and password, click the User Agreement, and click [Import Wallet]. At this point, you have successfully imported a Metis wallet.​​

How to sync a Metis wallet on TokenPocket?

  1. Click【Create Wallet】, click【One-Step Sync】.

  1. Select the network you want to sync and click【Synchronize】, you can view your wallet on Metis Network.

Chrome Extention Use Guide

  1. Open TokenPocket Chrome Extension, and click the upper left corner to select the Metis Network.

  1. After you select, you can view your Metis Wallet on the Assets page, click the upper right corner to access the management page, you can switch your wallet, and create/import your wallet on this page.

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