Notes on Solana Transfers

When creating a new wallet on Solana, it generates an address with a length of either 43 or 44 characters, both of which are valid. Removing any digit from a 44-character address or adding any digit to a 43-character address will still result in a valid 43/44-character address. However, this modified address has no relation to the original address/private key, as it is not derived from the private key. Consequently, there is no corresponding private key for such an address, essentially making it a 'black hole' address.

Solana addresses are Base58 encoded without a checksum, meaning they can only verify characters and length but cannot validate if the address has been modified. Addresses with modified characters can still be used normally. Similarly, TRON (TRX) addresses also use Base58 encoding but include a checksum. If the address is modified, the checksum will fail.

Therefore, when making transfers using Solana wallets, it's crucial to verify the integrity of the recipient address. Otherwise, if there's an issue with the destination address, the assets transferred may be lost irreversibly.

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