Blast Testnet Use Guide

Mobile Wallet Tutorial

How to add the Blast Testnet on TokenPocket

  1. Open the TokenPocket APP, click on the top right corner, and enter "Blast" in the search bar of the list.

  1. View the search results and click on Blast Sepolia Testnet. In the popped-up interface, choose either "Create Wallet" or "Import Wallet" to create a Blast wallet.

Plugin Wallet Tutorial:

  1. Open the TokenPocket plugin wallet and click on the top-left corner's blockchain option. Select the "Custom RPC" function.

  1. Click on "Easy Add" in the network.

Search for Blast, and select "Add To TokenPocket" from the search results to add it to the plugin wallet.

  1. After selecting to add a network, the parameters for the network to be added will appear. After confirming the details, click "OK" to add the Blast wallet.

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