Mar 20th, Ordinals Node Maintenance completion NoticeMar 19th, Ordinals Node Maintenance NoticeFeb 2nd, Arbitrum Node Maintenance completion NoticeFeb 2nd, Arbitrum Node Maintenance NoticeJan 11th, Ordinals Node Maintenance completion NotiveJan 11th, Ordinals Node Maintenance NoticeOct 20th, Ordinals Data Maintenance completion NoticeOct 16th, Ordinals Data Maintenance NoticeSept 27th, Notice of the Suspension of Self-built KCC Mainnet Nodes and On-chain Data ServicesJuly 3rd, Polygon node is being maintained.Jun 7th, Optimism node is being maintained.Oct 11th, TokenPocket Official Website Maintenance NoticeOct 7th, BNB Chain's maintenance has been completed.Oct 7th, BNB Chain is being maintained.Sept 15th. The Merge is over!Sept 12th. About the Ethereum Merge.Aug 31st, Arbitrum will launch the Nitro technical upgrade.Aug 29th, TokenPocket wallet is being maintained and upgraded.Aug 4th, 2022. The Polygon(Matic) is being maintained and upgraded.Jul 20th, 2022. The BSC and IOST had been maintained and upgraded.Jul 12th, 2022. The TRON will be maintained and upgraded.Jul 11th, 2022. The klaytn had been maintained and upgraded.Jun 1st, 2022. The Optimism node will be maintained and upgraded.Jun 1st, 2022. The Heco chain will be upgraded.May 20th, 2022. The Polygon(Matic) chain will be upgraded.May 18th, 2022. TokenPocket technical service will be maintained and updated!Feb 24th, 2022. iOS New version will adjust some services.Jan 27th, 2022. The service upgrade of TRON.Jan 25th, 2022. Klaytn node is being maintained.Dec 2nd, 2021. EOS node is being maintained.

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