Version Update (Jun 3rd, 2023)

The Latest Version】


Android: 1.7.5

iOS Version Update】

  1. Support KeyPal Hardware Wallet.

  2. Support Ordinals BTCDomain domain for Bitcoin.

  3. Add the entrance of ‘Energy’ to the Transfer page.

【Android Version Update method】

1. Update from the Wallet application.

2. Update from Google Play, Samsung, Huawei store

【iOS Version download method】‌

Download from APP Store, enter [TP Wallet] on the search bar, and the developer is [TP Global Ltd.]

(The developer downloaded in App Store before October 8, 2022 is TOKENPOCKET FOUNDATION LTD, an early version developed by TokenPocket, which is also a legitimate wallet can be used normally, and the update service will be suspended later.)

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