How to import/create a wallet in TP Extension Wallet?

Import a wallet

  1. If you have a wallet, please click [Import Wallet];

2. According to the tips enter your Secret Recovery Phrase and password, in order to ensure that the secret recovery phrase is entered correctly, we recommend you to click [Show Secret Recovery Phrase] and make sure you have entered a space between each phrase. After completing the operation of entering the Secret Recovery Phrase and password, please click the button in front of [ I have read and agreed to the 《Terms of Use》], and then click [Import] to complete the wallet import operation.

Safe Tips • Save a backup in multiple places. • Never share the phrase with anyone. • Be careful of phishing! TokenPocket Extension Wallet will never ask for your Secret Recovery Phrase. • If you need to back up your Secret Recovery Phrase again, you can find it in Settings → Security. • It is your responsibility to keep your Secret Recovery Phrase safe. TokenPocket Extension Wallet cannot recover your Secret Recovery Phrase.

3. At this point, you have successfully imported your wallet.

Create a wallet

1. If you don’t have a wallet before, click [Create a wallet];

2. Enter your new password, click[Create];

3. After watching the video and understanding the security points of Secret Recovery Phrase , click [Unferstood, next];

4. Click [CLICK HERE TO REVEAL SECRET WORDS], and back up the secret recovery phrase, click [Create], enter the recovery phrase correctly, and then click [Confirm];

5. At this point, you have successfully created a new wallet account.

Disclaimer: This tutorial has no investment advice.

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