How to Sync a Wallet?

"Wallet Sync" is designed to help users quickly synchronize wallets on this network to other networks. When you transferred assets by the wrong network protocol (chain), this function can get your assets back.

For example, if you've transferred USDT to Ethereum wallet address by HECO chain, you won't receive your USDT in Ethereum wallet. In this case, your USDT will be in HECO chain, so, what you need to do is syncing HECO network, which means that a receiving address of heco network will be generated in your other wallets, and then your assets can be found. (If the token was still not shown on your wallet, please add the token manually)

Steps: 1.Open TokenPocket App, click on [Details]; (Take syncing ETH network to another network as an example)

2. After entering the [Wallet Details] page, click [Wallet Sync];

3. Select a network that you need to sync and then click [Start syncing], and then go back to the selected wallet, your will find your assets back.

Please refer to Here for finding back your funds.

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