What is keystore

The Keystore file is a file format used for storing private keys (usually in JSON format). It is encrypted with a user-defined password to provide a certain level of security, but the strength of encryption primarily depends on the complexity of the password chosen by the user.

Please pay attention to the following two important points to ensure the safe use of the Keystore:

  1. Please use an uncommon and as complex as possible password to encrypt the Keystore file. This will enhance the security of your wallet.

  2. Always remember the password used to encrypt the Keystore file. If you forget the password, you will not be able to access the Keystore file again.

  3. TokenPocket cannot assist you in recovering the password. Therefore, it is crucial to securely store the Keystore file and password.

By following these recommendations, you can manage your Keystore file and wallet in a more secure manner.

How to export a keystore:

Open TokenPocket, click on the upper-right corner of the blue card labeled "Details," select "Export Keystore" on the wallet details page, and enter the correct password to view the keystore data.

Data viewing supports two types: one is through keystore file, and the other is through QR code. Both require the password that is currently set for this address in the wallet. Please be sure to remember it, as failing to do so will prevent you from importing your wallet and managing your on-chain assets.

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