TokenPocket Energy Rental Service

About TRON Energy and Bandwidth:

The Bandwidth and energy are the resource system used for processing and executing smart contracts and transactions. In the Tron network, each account has a certain amount of bandwidth and energy.

When an account sends a transaction or executes a smart contract, the corresponding bandwidth and energy will be consumed. The consumption of bandwidth and energy depends on the complexity and computational requirements of the transaction or smart contract. An account needs more bandwidth or energy to be able to send transactions or execute smart contracts once its bandwidth and energy are restored. (The TRON network can use resources or consume TRX to achieve the purpose of data on-chain.)

How to get energy and bandwidth:

Bandwidth and energy can be acquired and increased by holding and freezing TRX. Users can gain more bandwidth and energy by freezing TRX in their accounts, enabling them to perform more transactions and smart contract operations. Alternatively, users can utilize the rental market to pay for renting energy, which generally has lower overall costs than staking TRX energy tokens.

How to use TokenPocket“Rent Energy”function:

Even though TRON Stake 2.0, as a major upgrade to TRON, has made substantial improvements in many dimensions such as staking operations, resource management, asset unlocking waiting period, etc., the 14-day unlocking period is much longer than the 3-day period of Staking 1.0. Therefore, for some regular users, this seems to be less friendly, hence the demand for the energy leasing market becomes very important as it can save users more TRX consumption.

1. Open TokenPocket and click on the "Energy Leasing" menu in the toolbar.

The resource leasing interface is mainly divided into four functional areas.

Resource Data: Here you can see the parameters of TRX balance and energy, bandwidth. Subsidy

Benefits: A hundred percent quota is available for free every day.

Quick Lease: You can customize various parameters such as transaction operations (transfer or contract interaction), usage time, number of uses, etc.

Self-service Trading: Normal buying and selling of energy, you can sell excess energy for profit.

2. Click on "Receive" in the transfer subsidy to receive 32,000 energy for free, which can be used for one USDT transfer (recipient's address must hold USDT).

  1. The functionality of "Energy Pal" determines the final fee based on factors such as the number of transfers, usage duration, presence of USDT in the receiving address, or contract calls. The receiving address defaults to displaying the user's own operational address but can be customized to another address. (Per transaction)

  1. Clicking on "Fast Trading" allows you to set the rental amount and duration of energy lease. Costs are directly influenced by these two factors. (Metered)

  1. 【Staking】 function allows you to stake TRX with staking periods of 30, 60, and 90 days, each offering different yield rates.

  1. The freedom trading feature includes "I want to buy" and "I want to sell." Clicking on "buy" allows flexible configuration of the receiving address for energy or bandwidth, the quantity of leased energy, and price settings. The default leasing period here is 3 days. After setting everything up, click "Buy Now" to proceed.

7. Click on "Sell" to view the introduction of the items for sale, which may involve TRON permission settings. It is not recommended for beginners to operate directly. If you encounter any issues, you can click on the "Online Service" below for assistance.

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