How to use Widgets?

What is Widget?

Widget is not a small App. Instead, it is a new form of desktop content display, mainly used to display the data that users care about but the main application cannot do in time.

The new version of TokenPocket supports the Widgets function, which can put the NFT, market, price, gas and other contents we use daily on the mobile phone desktop.

How to set Widget

1、Open TokenPocket, and click “Details”, then press the “Set Skin” menu in the upper right corner.

2、Click “Widgets” in the skin setting interface, select the picture in the NFT skin you hold, and click “Confirm” to complete the settings

3、Go back to the mobile phone desktop, select the “Plug-ins” function at the bottom with a long press, and pull down the details list to find the plug-in of TokenPocket.

4、After adding, you can return to the desktop and view the effect. Just click the set plug-in to automatically open the NFT generation interface, which is convenient for viewing and quick calling. You can also click “Send” to set the receiving address and gas to complete the NFT transfer.

5、The TokenPocket plug-in supports the display of NFT, price, gas and other contents. Click the widget to quickly call the corresponding function. The content of the market display here can be flexibly set in the wallet's market favorites.

iOS Settings Widget

1、Open the mobile phone screen and swipe right to enter the widget interface, select the"Edit" function at the bottom, and click"+"in the upper right corner to add a widget.

2、In the "Add" page, you can directly search for TokenPocket or pull down the bottom to find it. Open and swipe left to view the 8 supported display functions. (The market display part is not available for some regions)

3、When it is done, you can view and click to use related functions in the widget page. The widget setting is the same for iOS and Android.

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