Regarding Solana's "Minimum Balance"

On the Solana blockchain, to keep an account active (i.e., to prevent the account from being frozen), a certain minimum balance must be maintained. This is to pay the rent for storing account data. The minimum balance on Solana is calculated based on the size of the account data and the current rent rate on the chain. Here are some key points:

  1. Account Rent Calculation: Solana uses the account size and the rent rate to calculate the minimum balance. Generally, the minimum balance for a regular account is around 0.002 SOL.

  2. Data Size: Different types of accounts (e.g., regular accounts, token accounts, contract accounts) require different minimum balances because they occupy different amounts of storage space.

  3. On-Chain Adjustments: The rent rate and minimum balance requirements on the Solana network may change over time and with network conditions.

To ensure that your account is not frozen, it is recommended to keep some extra SOL balance to accommodate possible changes.

Data source: Solana Documentation

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