BiHelix (RGB-LN) Use Guide

How to create a RGB wallet in TokenPocket

  1. Open the TokenPocket APP. Click “Add” located in the upper right corner. On the network selection interface, click the search bar to enter RGB or directly select the RGB network.

  1. In the adding method, choose "Create Wallet." Three options are presented in the creation list, all of which are wallet functions for daily usage. Set the wallet name (customizable settings), set the password (valid only for local devices), and finally click “Create Wallet”.

  1. Back up the mnemonic word interface and click [Advanced Settings] to create a wallet via Passphrase. This kind of wallet necessarily requires an accurate mnemonic word coupled with the correct password to import the precise wallet address. It is essential to resort to offline mode for mnemonic backup and prevent any loss or leakage. If it is a Passphrase-based wallet creation, please remember your mnemonics and set the secret language.

Note: Do not disclose the mnemonic phrase to anyone!

  1. The backup of mnemonic words must be carried out using offline (non-network) methods. Any form of network backup poses a significant security risk. Once the verification of the mnemonic words is completed, the RGB wallet can be successfully created.

How to import a RGB wallet in TokenPocket

  1. Open TokenPocket, click on the top right corner to add a wallet, and select RGB from the list.

  1. Click on "Import Wallet," and then choose either "Private Key Import" or "Secret Recovery Phrase Import.

  1. Taking mnemonic import as an example, enter the backed-up mnemonic phrase, wallet name, password, and check the "Terms of Service and Privacy Policy." Click on "Import Wallet," and at this point, you have successfully imported the RGB wallet. (Clicking on advanced mode allows you to enter the passphrase in creating a wallet.)

Note: To ensure the security of your funds, do not disclose the mnemonic phrase or private key to anyone!

How to obtain BiHelix (RGB-LN) Network tokens:

The BiHelix (RGB-LN) Address type is the Native Segwit Address of BTC, and the address type is BTC address, which can be transferred directly using the BTC wallet. To ensure a smooth reception of airdrops of RGB asset tokens, the BiHelix (RGB-LN) wallet needs to have enough UTXOs in it.

UTXO(Unspent Transaction Output) is an important concept in Bitcoin transactions, representing the unspent transaction output on the blockchain, i.e. the portion that a user can use to initiate a new transaction. In the Bitcoin system, the output of each transaction can be thought of as a check, which can be used as input for future transactions. Only unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) can be used to create new transactions. UTXOs are consumed and new UTXOs are generated during the transaction process, which ensures that the transaction process of Bitcoin is transparent and verifiable. Each transaction consumes the old UTXO while generating new UTXO for future transactions.

  1. How to get a UTXO?

1)Get an RGB network address: See Chapter 1 for details: How do I Create an RGB Wallet on TokenPocket.

2)Receive BTC: Send BTC to your RGB network address. You can buy BTC or receive BTC from someone else. Every time BTC is sent to your address, it creates a new UTXO. As far as the specific operation is concerned, it is recommended to transfer no less than 0.00002BTC in the TokenPocket wallet to ensure that the number of UTXOs is sufficient to successfully receive BiHelix (RGB-LN) network airdrop tokens.

3)Query UTXO: On the BTC transfer page, click the [UTXO] entry to inquire about the specific UTXO details.

How do I transfer money on the BiHelix (RGB-LN) network?

  • When trading an asset on the BiHelix (RGB-LN) network, the fee typically consists of two parts: a very small amount of RNA and almost 0 BTC.

  • RNA: The Gas token has been tested by the official node of BiHelix. Early adopters can obtain it for free through the BiHelix Gene Airdrop campaign, which will be associated with the future airdrops of the BiHelix network tokens. A single transaction incurs very little cost of BTC.

  • Used as a BTC Gas token, where consumption is almost 0 with the Lightning network coming online.

1)Select the token to be transferred and enter the token details page. Click the “Transfer” button to reach the transfer page

2) Enter the destination address, enter the amount of transfer, confirm the BTC Gas fee, click [Confirm]

Note: The destination address needs to meet 2 criteria (it needs to be a BiHelix network address, and it also needs to have a UTXO available)

3) After the transaction details pop up, confirm the transaction details and click [Confirm] to complete the transfer. After the transaction is connected, the other party can receive the RGB assets;

Note: RNA and BTC Gas will be consumed during the transfer, please ensure that the balance is sufficient, otherwise the transfer step will be interrupted and the transfer cannot be completed.

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