Easily manage EOS RAM with TokenPocket!

Starting from version 2.3.2, TP Wallet will officially support the EOS mainnet.

RAM Management Tutorial:

Open TokenPocket and click on "RAM" in the toolbar. In the RAM management interface, you can use "Buy," "Sell," and "Transfer" to manage your RAM assets. To buy RAM, simply set the amount of EOS you want to purchase. You will see the corresponding amount of RAM, with the exchange rate being dynamic. Finally, click "Buy" and sign the transaction to complete the RAM purchase.

Click the "Sell" menu, and simply enter the amount of RAM you hold to see the corresponding amount of EOS. It's important to note that since RAM is a necessary EOS resource, you must retain some of it. When selling, make sure to leave enough RAM.

The "Transfer" feature is a new addition to TP Wallet. With this feature, you can transfer RAM to other accounts. For example, if account 1 is no longer in use, you can transfer the RAM to account 2 for continued use. This is very convenient.

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