What Is the Miner Fee?
Miner fees, commonly known as transfer fees as an incentive for miners to mine.
Miner fees are determined by the Gas Price (unit price) and the Gas Limit (amount) consumed. The calculation formula is: Transfer fee/Gas fee/Miner fee = Gas Limit * Gas Price
The amount of Gas Limit is mainly affected by the complexity of the operation based on the content of the smart contract. The more complex the operation, the higher the Gas Limit.
The Gas Price is set by the sender. The higher the Gas Price set by the sender, the faster the transaction initiated by the sender can be confirmed in the blockchain.
Notes: The gas fee for ETH is ETH; The gas fee for BSC is BNB; The gas fee for HECO is HT; The gas fee for OKExChain is OKT;
Gas can be returned if it is not used up.
The miner fee charged by the transfer network will vary according to the network conditions. Once the transfer is confirmed, the miner fee cannot be refunded regardless of whether the transfer is successful or not.
The miner fee is charged by the transfer network you choose, and TokenPocket does not charge any fees!
Watch the video to learn more about transfers and miner fees!
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